Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daycare in Gurgaon: Oysterr

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit and review a couple of daycares in Gurgaon - Happy Faces and Little Footprints. I didn't end up sending my son to either of those for a variety of reasons, but you can read my review here. I did, however, end up finding a daycare that I really liked and even sent my son to for a few months. It's called Oysterr and is located in Sushant Lok - very close to Laburnum towers. Here are some thoughts on my experience with Oysterr (in no particular order):
  • Some basics: It's run by two ladies as an independent business initiative (this means it's not part of a large chain and has a small, homely feel to it.) They accept children starting at 6 months of age. The timings are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. You can choose to enroll for either the first half, second half, or full day.
  • It is very clean - according to the lady who runs it, they clean 5 times and day. I believe her because I've seen several of the cleaning cycles happen while I was there.
  • The setup is very basic, but adequate. If you're looking for a lot of expensive and branded toys, and large swing sets of the type you might see in a Mother's Pride or a Little Footprints, you'll be disappointed. However, there is enough to keep kids busy in terms of toys and activities, and I didn't think anything was really missing - they have the kind of toys that you might have in your child's toybox at home.
  • They have a decent security system - working CCTV cameras in all rooms, a guard at the gate, a padlocked gate, and a lot of staff watching over the children.
  • One of the two ladies who own the place, or one of the four teachers they have employed are always present in the daycare. For the major part of the day, both the owners and a couple of teachers are present.
  • They seem to have enough staff to cater to all the children there. Although they don't commit to a particular child/attendant ratio, I have never seen an unattended child during my visits there.
  • The teachers and owners seem to know each and every child there very well - you can tell by the way they talk to the children that they know the personal traits and characteristics of the kids.
  • They serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks to the kids in the daycare - you don't need to send food along if you don't want to. The good thing is that the food is homecooked - one of the ladies who runs the place cooks at home and brings food for all the kids. It's basic, healthy food like upma, jam sandwiches, vermicelli, etc for breakfast and dal, roti, sabji for lunch. They serve fruit once a day as well at snack time in the afternoon.
  • They maintain a written record of your child's daily activities so they're always able to answer worried parents' questions - right from what he or she ate, to what time she pooped, to when her diaper was changed, and when she napped.
  • The thing I liked very much was that for now at least, they only accept one child per week on the thought that any child needs at least that much time and focus to settle into a new place and that all energy should only be on that child for that time. So, during your first week, you start off by spending some time there with your child every day and slowly reduce the amount of time you're there till you reach a point where you and your child are completely comfortable in the place. This is a very good idea and works really well, especially for the parents since it allows you time to really observe what's going on in the daycare and how the staff is interacting with the children.
  • It is a little pricey as far as daycares go, which of course, I didn't like. In addition to the monthly cost, which at that time was between Rs. 4000 - Rs. 5500 (to be paid quarterly) depending on the half/full day option you picked, the initial fee was quite steep. Also, I ended up having to take a break from the daycare for a couple of months for pressing personal reasons and was told that I'd either have to pay this initial amount again when I came back after that time or pay the fee for the months that I wouldn't be there just to hold my seat. I thought this was fairly unreasonable. This is, however, the only "sour" bit in my entire experience with Oysterr, and if you're looking for a safe, clean, not too fancy but a lot like home day care option for your child, I'd definitely recommend that you give this place a visit.
Please leave me a comment if you need detailed directions or contact information for this place, or if you have specific questions that I may not have covered in this review.


mandira said...

Can you give me the address/ phone number of the place?
Also wanted to know how many babies in the age group 6-8 months did you see there?

- Mandira

Manika said...

Hi Mandira,
My apologies for the delay in responding to you - the number is 0124-4044057. When I was there, I saw 2 other 6-7 month old children, though I believe the number goes a little up and down. They try to keep the number small because they need to give such small kids constant attention and too many would become difficult.

sanjna said...

If oysterr have shown greed in money, how is it possible to trust them with our infants? can someone suggest me a decent missionary set up for my 8 months old in Gurgaon? I heard they are best with the babies. Please help!

Sumedha said...


I am looking for a good daycare in Gurgaon for my infant. I have heard of one in DLF IV (Happy Faces). Please help by giving more references.

- Sumedha

Manika said...

Hi Sumedha,

I had visited and written a review of Happy Faces earlier last year. Here's a link to that:

Good luck with your hunt for a daycare! By the way, I haven't visited it yet, but Kara is another daycare that has recently opened in Gurgaon. It's on the Bristol roundabout and you'll find their website if you Google it. Worth taking a look. They used to be in Bangalore and have recently expanded to gurgaon.

How do we know said...

Hi Sumedha: Little Footprints is not exactly fit for infants. For an infant, i will recommend Little Footprints more. Lots of infants go there. Toddlers are more likely to be happy at Happy Faces.

How do we know said...

my experience with Oysters was very different. I did a site visit twice and found on both occasions that children, esp. younger children were being actively ignored.

I dont mean to complain, so do read this with the regular pinch of salt. Will only list down instances:

1. There was this 8 month old baby in a rocker. Two older boys were playing with her and the girl was obviously intimidated. She started crying. Though one of the attendants was less than 2 feet away, no one came to pacify the child or to drive away the older boys. The owner picked her up when i pointed out to her that the girl obviously needs attention.

2. During winters, I saw some children running around on the bare floor without any socks or shoes. The attendant gave us 2 different responses when we asked "This child refuses to wear socks" and for another one "we are in the process of putting socks on all the children"

3. The children sleep on the top floor without any attendant. If most of the children have woken up, the attendants come to the floor below. The CCTVs were not being regularly monitored because everyone was busy preparing the other children. There was a child sleeping alone in the room above, with the door closed. If my son was to wake up scared in his sleep, he would have no one around to comfort him. Worse still, he would do the most likely thing for infants - he would crawl out and try to crawl down the stairs where the others are. I wouldn't like to have a child sleep completely alone and unmonitored.

that said, i have to admit that the owners are very involved with the children. However, i was unhappy with the attention and care that each child gets.

Yors Truly said...

Firstly, good to find your blog Manika! I happen to be your neighbor and we had originally met in the tot-lot, accompanying our kids and discussing daycare, remember!

On a scale of 10, I would give Oysterz a 6.5 after more than a year, though its hard to rank one since thats the only place we ever went to. All the good things you have listed, I completely agree to and those are reason enough to be there.

Time for pre-school now, so let me try your suggestion fo iDiscovery!

Manika said...

Hi Sandeep! Thanks for your comment! I'm sending my son to Pallavan now...have been meaning to write a review on that but just haven't gotten to it yet. You must pay it a visit if you're closing on a school for your daughter.

Neha said...

You can check out kara4kids at for more details. Timings are 9 to 6 for the day care

Anna said...

There is a new school and day care which has opened on 19th jan 09 The Learning Lighthouse in DLF Phase 3.That is one place your little one should NEVER go to.

Impressive Infrastructure & teachers camouflage the true picture. Right from first day, they believe in snatching the child & let her cry till she knows she does not have an option. When I visited them, 2 out of six kids were crying continuously & they were completely being ignored .The teachers clearly don’t have a passion for their job.

Sumedha said...


I am still on a look out for a daycare for my 6 months old daughter. I visited Crystal Children Center in DLF - II. Besides finding their fee structure on the higher side, I still feel it was not the right place for my child.

Please help with more sugesstions on daycare!!


Manika said...

Hi Sumedha,
Did you get a chance to go visit Kara yet? I don't have any experience with them but have heard they have a good's a chain..originally from Bangalore I think. Perhaps worth a visit?

Good luck with your hunt and do let us know if you find something good.

mandira said...

Hi Sumedha,
Did you manage to get a good day care for your child?
I have 10 mos daughter and am really confused with the mixed reviews abt all day care centers!!

Chhanda said...

Hi Sumedha,

You may contact Ms. Chhanda at 09350352148, who is running a full day boarding as well as day care centre, with limited kids, at C-1/50 Ardee City, Sector-52, Gurgaon - 122001.

- Chhanda

Manika said...

A friend of mine also mentioned a place called Tara (opposite the playschool Anand in DLF phase I) which is apparently very nice. Perhaps you could take a look at that.

Rashmi said...

Hi Manika
Is Tara a daycare or a playschool as well?

inbiz said...


I've been researching play schools in gurgaon and had very bad experience with ibambini. The person whom we met with (Mrs Bharti, i think - cos she didnt even introduce herself!!!) was anything but warm. I am an education epecialist myself and i guess she felt "threathened" with my queries on the reggio method and was very defensive - to the point of arguing! Anyway its interesting that when i asked abt the staff training, she said that the method required no training - i guess anyone can do it then! So what's so special. The method is good (based on info from a friend in the US and my own research) but i guess when the principal is not able to explain, there is a problem. When i asked to check out the premises (was not offered to me!) i saw the toilet being dark and dingy, i asked. To which she replied that there's probably no one in there or no electricity. She ignored my response abt the back up system and the fact that a nanny was with a child there! Didnt even say bye to me when i left - badly needs some training in manners!

So, for me a rather bad experience here. A total wonderful experience at idiscovery, so may send my toddler there.


Navin said...

Hi All,

There is a new play school that has come up in Sushant Lok Phase 3. Its called Toddler's Junction. Its run by experienced people and provides the best of care for the kids. It has facilities for children from 6 months onwards and has different programmes suiting different needs. If anyone interested please -
Toddlers Junction
G-36 Oriental Village,
Sushant Lok Phase-III
Ph: 0124-4068795
Cell: 9818246325

Puneet said...

Can anyone tell me where is oysterr....

ashima said...

hi, iam looking for a job asa teacher in yur school please call me on 9810375359 as soon as possible
ashima jain

raja said...

hi i am luking or a job in day care school which soever is near Ardee city sector 52. i am an M.A, B.Ed actually but i would love to work in a day care so please contact me 0124-4144595 or mail me at


anamica said...

Really useful information. Can anyone help me with a day care where I can leave a one year old for few hours only.
its one of teh days not on a regular basis.

Richa said...


i visited a few of the daycares , though my need was for a fullday day care

the one's that i know have options are :

2. crystal

where you can leave them on hourly basis / or have small shift basis.

oysterr , where i am sending my LO to has full day option only.


Manika said...

hi richa,

oyesterr used to have a half day option when i sent my son there...perhaps they have stopped that now. anither daycare you could try out is tara. i have a friend whose kid goes there and she really likes it. apparently they have a loing waitlist and i'm not sure about the timings, but worth calling and checking.


bhavana said...


i have opened a daycare at my place which is 24*7 service with proper hygiene and homely environment....the most imp requirement for our kidz.....


Facilities :
* 5 Months & Above
* Meals Provided if Required
*Safe & Comfortable Outdoor/Indoor Play Areas
*Clean & Homely Environment
* Special Package for Odd Hours
* Timings - 24*7

Contact: - 9650775247@10 a.m to 6 p.m

munmun said...


Can anyone tell me where is Oysterr and contact details......


astha said...

Please help me in finding a good day care for my 7 months old daughter

astha said...

Please help me in finding a good day care for my 7 months old daughter

astha said...

Hi Munmun,, Oysterr is located at---
Sushant Lok--1,, A-634

bhavana said...

Hi Astha,

I have a creche(HoneyBunch)which is located in B-block, Palamvihar, Gurgaon.

Its a 24*7 creche. So even if u have odd working hours, we r there to take care of ur kid. Its in my house so a proper home environment is provided with proper hygiene.

You can contact me at 9650775247.


Arti said...

Hi Can anyone help me with a good day care in gurgaon where I can leave a one year old kid.

bhavana said...

hi Arti......

you can contact me at 9650775247.
i have a creche by the name of Honeybunch.


Ziniya said...

Hi Richa...

I am looking for a daycare for my 14 month old Son and have zeored down Oysters as the best option. But i am still looking for comments and feedback before putting him in. Can you tell me how was your experience at Oysters.

Rituparna Chakraborty said...


Can anyone help me details of a reliable and efficient daycare where I can leave by 10month old daughter near South City II, Sohna Road, Gurgaon.


Neha said...

Hi All,

We have 3 spots available in the 12 to 18 months category available at Kara 4 Kids. This slot was closed for admission till April.

Warm Regards,
Neha Suri


Sapna said...

Hi...I am looking for a good day care for my 4 yr old daughter to go to after school...basically about a 4hr stay at a nice homely place around Sec-15.


Sushanto said...

Hi all :
We are offering premium and quality day boarding in Palam Vihar(close to Sec 17, 18, 4 & 5), Gurgaon frm 6 months to 12 years.
We rely storngly on an organic environment for infants and adhere to international standards for safety in the equipment and toys we use.
Call Niti 9810398675 if you require further information

Shilpi said...

Hi All,

My kid has been going to Happy Faces since last 7 months. However, my experience there has not been good so far. The owner of Happy Faces is a whimsical lady and does not pay any attention to parent's concerns and complaints.
At many instances, I found that she does not pay enough attention to the kids around as she is always busy attending her grandson. Her grandson is 5+ years old yet behaves like a 3 year old kiddo. He bullies other kids and expects them to play with him at his will. The owner lady only focuses on feeding him and taking care of him. other kids are horribly ignored. Sometimes, she even asks the teacher to sit and feed her grandson when all other kids are left to the mercy of the maids. The lady does not any pains in training the maids and the young teacher.
The fees is pretty high - 6000 per month and does not inlcude any meals or even water. The lady is so money minded that she does not even keep the ACs on for the kids. Usually when I go to pick my child in the evening, I find her sweating like anything. When I complained, she said that 2 ACs are running continously, and she cannot afford anything mroe than that. However, the fact is there is only one AC that runs in that big room which is not sufficient and insider staff told me that even that is shut off several times during the day to cut electricity bills. My question - what is she charging 6000 for? No meal, No water and No AC !!

Despite several complaints, nothing has happened so far.

Any other grieving parents in Happy Faces, please contact me.

Mita said...

Let's face it - no one's going to take perfect care of your kids, except the mom. Not even grandparents. There is a reason why we become mothers - so we can take care of them completely when they're most vulnerable.
Since when did it become optional to give birth but not take care?
Even if kids are fed, picked up when crying, or read stories to - statistics show that kids raised by strangers/maids/nannies have dismal levels of emotional quotient. As adults, they may grow up to be academically very sound because of the structured environment in the early years, but emotionally ill-equipped to respond to relationships. There are several far-reaching consequences of daycare-raised kids. The US is witness to a 50% divorce rate when nanny-raised kids grew up to marry.

sunilksharma_2000 said...

hi -
have been reading a lot of queries abt OYSTER day care.
I visited the place myself early Oct to get a personal opinion. Yes, the setup is basic- but the ambience is friendly. the owner manages Oyster very professionally and yet with passion & enthusiasm. I observed the manner in which she dealt with the children and the manner in which the kids responded. They swarmed to her like flies (just proved her affection for them was being reciprocated).
I also observed that the hygiene levels which oyster claims are really being maintained. It was spic and span. The food that was being served was simple, fresh and home-cooked. (roti, daal and sabzi). I believe there's an absolute ban on junk foods (which is real good).
What do we really look for in a day care? Good ambience, co-operative and approachable owners, trained caretakers, clean & hygienic attendants, good fresh food...all these were taken care of at Oyster. My 3yr old was already feeling quite comfortable there with the other kids on the day I went to enquire. (phew !!!)
Will be soon enrolling her there after diwali.
The address of Oyster is :
Sushant lok, Opp Laburnum, landmark would be Unkal Hospital.

Chhanda said...

A true homely creche and daycare unit is run by self, having 17 years experience in a reputed residential school, as the incharge of primary wing. From beginning, I emphasized on quality and decided to take no more than 10 children in the creche. We are still maintainig the same (rather better) standards, having only 7 children in the creche. It is located in sector-52 of Gurgaon. Following are the contact numbers of few parents, whose children are going to this creche. Any one interested, may contact these partents for their feedback on this creche and dasycare centre.

+91-9971757733 - Mr. Himanshu
+91-9958887654 - Mr. Kshitish
+91-9818170572 - Mrs. Anamika
+91-9818586507 - Mrs. Ruchi

email id:

SRC said...

Pallavan G19 DLF Phase I has a daycare now.
They have been running their preschool for 10 years now and have just started their daycare since February.
It is definately a place to checkout. They do not acceot kids below 15 months of age.

pamita said...

just read all the concerns about the day care. a must visit day care center thats opened in Sun City-sec54 is Leens kind of will satisfy most of your concerns regarding a great day care...


Rituparna Chakraborty said...


Am looking for a fun play school for my daughter in the Sohna Road vicinity. She is extremely active and loves being outdoor. She is 18 months old and doesnt like tied down to a place. My objective of putting her in a place is simply to ensure she has loads of fun and physical activity.
Am really at the moment no so concerned about how much she knows her pears from her apples.
Looking forward to some unbiased inputs please. Thanks

Rupika said...

Hi All,

I am looking for a day care center for my 6 yr old son. Can anyone help me with one near Sec-51, Mayfield gardens. The timings that suits us is till 6:30-7:00 in the evening...


sunita said...

My daughter goes to Medhaam in south city 1, and honestly its the most hygienic from the lot which was my main concern.


freelancer seo preeti said...

my daughter is 2 yrs old she is going in a day care kids care in palam vihar.
the ladywho is running this day care is very generous and very caring for kids.All the kids over there are very happy and you get a very homely enviroment. I m also a mom and feels like my daughter is at her home and also secure.
i would suggest all the concerned parents once visit her place 1255 block B Palamvihar

freelancer seo preeti said...

i m also mother of 2 yrs old my daughter is going in a day care in gurgon in palamvihar. i m very satisfied as the day who run this day care is very nice, love yr kids as our kids. kids will get family enviroment, i suggest once chk this kids care centre
add: 1255, block B palamvihar

Sumedha said...


please help me with reviews for IDA preschool in Gurgaon. I visited the place and was impressed with the teachers and infrastrutre. I am looking for more hands on review for the school.


chavi said...


Can anyone plz give me the number/ address/ of Tara playschool/Daycare in DLF ph-1?

freelancer seo preeti said...

wanna tell u day care address
Kids care
B-1253, palam vihar
Very nice and friendly atmosphere
provide vibrant care to kids.
Helping kids in their homework
Homely enviroment
variety in food

once visit this day care sure you prople like this as i like this and my daughter is going there.


dolly said...

hi Sumedha
I also wanted to enroll my 1 year old daughter at Ida for daycare program.
Are you also looking for day care at Ida, please let me know also if you get any reviews on it


Pachyderm said...

Tara Day care contact: Mrs Anjali Singh, This is right behind the Arjun Marg market in DLF Phase 1.

Jolly said...

Hi guys, This is an excellent forum for discussion of daycares. I can imagine the pain, the tension a mother undergoes while leaving their little ones to someone else's care. I too have a 3 yrs old baby..The way i continued my job after her birth is the pain which only i can know. Leaving the child behind takes away everything from you. I have atlast quit my job and am planning to open a creche and daycare to atleast be of help to those mothers who are undergoing the same unavoidable circustances which I have undergone. I want you suggestions as to which part of Gurgaon is in sheer need of a creche. Which sector should I plan to open a creche. Do get back to me with you suggesstions and comments or any tips u have of opening a creche at 9818252654.

Saurabh Srivastava said...


I am really baffled by the long list of preschools around sohna road. Looking for the best chpice for my 16 months old. Any suggestions for a good preschool near Vatika City(Sohna Road) which also has parent toddler program?

Manoj babu said...


Care Plus world is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organisation for child care and play school this organisation you can leave your babies from one month onwards This organisation is having 24 hrs Creche facility also .The contact numbers 9711718822/011-26645556 . organisation will provide transport service for the corporate bookings.

Komal said...

Can any one Suggest good Crech around Sector 22/23. I need this for my 4 month old Daughter.

Manisha said...


Could any body give me a feedback for the below 3 Pre school and day care?

Little Footprints, Ole Kids early Learning Centre and Blossoms.

I need to send my 2 year 4 months old daughter to a Play School and day care may be Middle of May.

Neha said...

You could attend the summer camp at Olé Kids and get a first hand experience

b9eafcb4-8b3c-11e0-bc55-000bcdcb2996 said...

Hi All,

My kid has been going to Oysterr for some time. I have to admit that initially I used to feel it is the best place for my child, home away from home, but over time the quality of service has really deteriorated here. Lately, the owners have started showing a lot of greed for money, not me alone, but lot of other parents feel the same. Also, earlier when Ms. Rita was in-charge of the place it used to run much better. Recently the staff has changed, esp the maids are always changing, the owners are not able to retain the staff. Kids get friendly with their teachers and Didi's and one day suddenly they have to see all new faces around. The owners and staff get concerned if parents ask too many questions, they feel we are interfering in their work, which is not right. Parents have the right to ask questions about how they are running their day care and how the child is doing, but parents are discouraged to do so. The owner avoids talking to parents and answering their concerns. They also lie at several occasions which really hurts. They are very very rigid and will have their way always, whatever the parents say or complain about they really do not bother. Also, there is no way to monitor the activities once you leave your child inside. Even if you go for a surprise visit, the guard at the gate sees you coming and immediately informs the staff, also since the doors are locked you cannot really give a surprise check. It makes me really sad because my kid has made some really good friends there and is pretty settled, but I am losing my peace of mind while my child is away so I do not think this place is fit anymore like it used to be in the past. They are not able to manage kids really well, when you reach your child after being away the whole day, the last thing you would like to hear from the caregivers is that your child is beating other kids and is not behaving well, and this is not only about my child, but most other parents have to listen to such complains about their children. All this is really disheartening.
Earlier I used to proudly recommend this place to my friends, but I no longer do so.

SANJNA said...

I must say, after reading all your problems, Maple Bear, Sushant Estate is the most transparent and non-greedy school, gate always open, one can walk in anytime and see their kids through partial glass door. Staff and maids are genuine. The best of all - they do not even make any efforts to add more kids. The only genuine pre school in Gurgaon.

Asavari said...

Hello Friends,

I am looking out for a playgroup for for 2.3 yrs old son, near DLF phase V. I am looking for some options near by and have come across 3 school-
Maple bear, Vishesh Kids and Leen's Nestling (which is a new school). Can any one provide me feedback on these schools? Pls help..

Giggles said...

We care for your precious ones. Giggles day care is a home based setup.

I am a mother of a 4 year old with a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector and a passion for kids. I have created a fun filled space where your kids can spend quality time after school. Not only will they be engaged in arts and crafts but also audio visual based learning to enhance creativity and imagination.

What's more is the yummy home made food so you don’t need to worry about their meals while you are away.

We are operational from 0900 -1800
Open 5 days a week -Monday to Friday. Pls contact us:+91 99 999 222 33 or +91 9971 700 700

paulinosk said...

A alone of mine as well mentioned a place called Tara (opposite the playschool Anand all the rage DLF time I) which is apparently very polite. Perhaps you may possibly take a look by the side of with the intention of.

text message marketing

Shalini said...

Hi Asavari,
You might also want to visit ibambini...and just trust your instincts post a parent coming from heritage city...I visited many preschools and found these guys to be truly involved in education...and didint mind dropping & picking up my son from there everyday (its far from heritage, but near to sector 56)


Shalini said...

Hello Asavari and others,

You may also want to check out ibambini at sector 56...Its a very refreshing change to meet people who are passionate about what they do and are actually serious about education...My son was going to this school from Heritage City...and i must say his time spent there was worth it...(even though i had to pick him up and drop him daily)...I had visited almost every school imaginable...and was recommended this one by a close friend...Got the positive and happy vibes ever since I stepped in and haven't looked back since then...Check out their website...definitely worht a visit...and then trust your gut...I did!! All the best...

Neha said...


I can imagine deciding upon a daycare centre for your child indeed becomes a big exercise. However, going by my experience, I found Oysterr which is located in Sushant Lok 1 - very close to Iffco Metro station - a very good place. Its a homely set up, yet with all systems and processes and records - which you can ask for anytime. The maids are very well behaved and trained; have never got any complaint from my child about any issue. The place is cleaned several times in a day to ensure hygiene.

You have to just see how the children play with the owner - they just treat her like their own!

The place is located in a quiet ambience and has good security system - so I always have the peace of mind that my child is in safe hands.

Do visit Oysterr before you finally decide which is best for your little one.

Nishi said...

My son is going to CRYSTAL when he was 4 months old and now he is 45 years. he started with Infant section and now availing aftyer school daycare with Crystal as he has joined Suncity.
To describe crystal in one line is " A SECOND HOME WITH COMMENDABLE SERVICE"
If looking for daycare in gurgaon for any agegroup starting from 2 months, please visit Crystal - K-7/12 A, DLF-II , Gurgaon-122002.

Nishi said...

Sorry, my son is 4 years old now.

Nishi said...

Crystal is absolutely great for Infant Daycare service.

shikha said...

Hi, i work in dlf cyber citi,phase 3 and looking for a day care for my seventeen months old son near my work place.

MK said...

Hi, wanted to check if there is any place to play tennis near palam vihar, I am looking for grounds and team where I can go and play tennis every evening on nomonal prices.

BrainDragger said...

Hi Manika,
First a great thanks for a blog like this. We are moving from Bangalore to Gurgaon and I am literally hooked on to your blog for all the information - grocery, eating out, day care

We have found a place in essel tower to live. Do you have any reviews of 'Udaan' day care? I have 1.9 yr old and I was so comfortable to Kara in Bangalore that moving to Gurgaon and finding a new day care seem like a night mare. Kara no longer have their branch in Gurgaon now. Can you please help me here?

Living in Gurgaon said...

Hi BrainDagger,
Thank you for your comment and good luck with your move here! I'm sorry I don't know about Udaan.

Kara kids used to have a branch here, but they left and the same building and infrastructure now houses a daycare called OLE kids that you could check out. That's located on the Bristol roundabout - not too far from Essel Towers. There's a review of that on this blog as well.

Another very well known daycare is Tara. They're in Phase 1 (a little further away from you). I don't have any personal experience with them but a friend's too kids went there were for two years and she was very happy. They always have very limited vacancies though.

Hope this helps a little. Feel free to shout out if you need any help as you prepare to move.


BrainDragger said...

Hi Manika,

We have finally moved to Gurgaon and I have visited all the below day care for our kid. Our criteria is not just preschool but a proper day care as well.

These are day cares\preschool near Galleria
Mother's Pride - The worst of all I have ever visited in last 2 years. I can not even comment on their money minded attitude.
leave that I would still be happy to see if the facility were good.
It's a fancy set up (though tyhe fanciness stopped only in gallery) and classrooms were so dark and dingy.
The kitchen was also so untidy
The rooms looked like they have a hospital set up with 20 classrooms in one direction.
Saddest was the day care - 40 kids in one room, 3 kids lying on the same bed (imaginbe, if one had cold and cough, the rest already would have it). I enquired the teacher about their acitivities and it was sad
This was a perfect NO for us

Moved to
2) itellitots - the place looked good (first floor as ground floor is dingy). First floor had enough light and air.
Sad was the day care. There looked a proper lack of any iea of what kids need to do. some answers were - kids will sleep if they want...they will be in this room (but maam doiungwhat??)
well I would not rate this place bad, but it was not the kind of place we were seeking

Moved to

3) Little FootPrint

unfortunately this place is not sriram and has no longer day care. Day care has moved to Indus valley and kids will be tranported from (earlier) little footprint to indus valley

4) Oyesters
really reading all these ravishing review I had high expectations from Oyesters. The lasy was agreat speaker. But the facility\place

It was sooo small I am not sure how would 25 kids be here? where is the place to play out(some dusty barren ground??)
I can not comment on the teachers or care takers but the fact the place was sooo small did not make me go forward with it.

I would request if any one of you have her\his kid in any daycare near the area (MG road\galleria\essel tower) PLEASE HELP me with some decent day care.

In absence of anythign, I will probably choosen Udaan(which is within Essel towers)

Pooja Chandra said...

Hi braindigger... since you are looking around galleria, in case you are willing to go upto South City I, then we are a new outfit with a small no. of kids right now.... we try to provide a very homely environment for the kids, fresh, home cooked meals... we are devising our own curriculum for could check out our website for further details... regards, pooja

artu said...

Hi braindigger,
There is a day care named Crystal Children's center in DLF phase 2 on MG Road . They have a good play school as well as daycare. My daughter is going there from last 2 years and she is so active and can also visit their website

let me know your review for the same

BrainDragger said...

Thanks Pooja,

Though the place is far from our house (Essel Towers).
The website really looks cool and I hope kids will enjoy there.

Though if you have idea about more daycares in and around essel tower, please do inform me.

I believe for a 2 year old, it's better to find day care near house, though for older kids it makes sense to go a bit farther and to a good pre-school

Indu said...

Hi BrainDragger,
I have also recently shifted to sector 56 and looking around for some good Day Care. My kid is 19 Months and is going to Modern Motessori Pre school they have day care but its not crowded much as its new setup. I am really looking for some forum where we can meet up with parents facing same issues and get some ideas to get kids settled..

yogesh said...

I have a 4 year old kid. He admitted him to a creche in DLF Phase -III, run by Mrs Sangeeta Sharma. Before choosing this creche, I had my intentions clear. I wanted a creche where my kid gets personal attention and family like environment.

I came in contact with Mrs Sangeeta Sharma through a common contact. She runs a Home base creche and doesn't take more than 5 kids at a time. She says to take care of kids she doesn't want to be dependednt on helpers. This actually impressed me because most of the time creches are crouded and being run as a business. And family environment and values are completely missing.

Ruchika said...


i am looking for a daycare for my 7 month old daughter near sec 22/23/21/palam vihar. ANy suggestions

Ruchika said...


Pls suggest a good daycare for 7 month daughter near sec 21/22/23/palam vihar

Shifali said...

I hv 2 yrs and 4 mts old daughter. Need to put her in school n day care. I stay in sec 56. Really confused, pls help n advs as I hv following places in my mind:
I Bambini
Vishesh kids


Shifali said...


I need to put my 2 yrs n 4 mts old daughter in school n day care. I am putting up at sec-56, Gurgaon. Can u pls advs me on following schools that I hv in my mins:
I Bambini
Vishesh kids
Also pls advs if u hv any other better school n daycare in mind.

thx, Shifali

Deepa said...

Hi Ruchika,

If Working women , If ur planning to put you baby in daycare and if you live near by sector 22 Gurgaon . Then i would like to recommend you this below day care + PLAY Group for you baby . I have my daughter already going to this day care ,since she was 6 month old .I am very satisfied by the environment and care given to you baby when the parents are not around. The Owner Mrs Neeti takes care of your children very nicely. At Mera bachpan the child's care + health + overall growth is the main objective . I am 100% satisfied by the care provided by "mera Bcahpan " staff to my child .This is the best day care you child can get in all the near by area . Please do which and make you own judgement .

Thanks and Regards ,

Contact Info

+91 9958877735 Mobile



Shilpa said...

Recently I came across a new day and NIGHT care and playschool called Cherubangels.its in Sushant lok3 sector 57Gurgaon..Its apparently a new setup but the lady who handles it is a well educated professional and is very warm with the kids.She looks after the overall development and the kids learn table/toilet Etiquette etc.The best part is that if you want to party or go watch a movie with your partner, you can leave your kid there.
Moreover if you work in night shifts, it suits you well..Excellent Homely environment, split ACs in the rooms if the kids want to sleep.Separate beds, good infrastructure(toys,slides)..
I would Highly recommend this for daycare or playschool.
You can call them at 8860681927

Rakangz said...

I have a 2year old..and I'm deciding between Pallavan /Ole Kids for her in DLF Phase 1. Both are close to my house.

Any suggestions on which one is better?

Mera Bachpan said...

Thanks Deepa

Team Mera Bachpan

Neha said...

Dear Brain Dagger,

Have you visited Olé Kids, very close to MG road, opposite the Bristol Round About.

Neha said...

Hi Rakankz

Link to the Ole Kids review on this blog site itself..

pooja said...

Hi Everyone

I am mommy of a 9 month old and has had a really disappointing experience with maids.

I am now planning to move my lil one to a day care ( not happy though) and looking for a day care where he gets to learn, socialize and have healthy food.
I stay in sector 52. Any suggestions which is best day care in near by locality.

Thanks in advance.

pooja said...

Hi Everyone

I am mommy of a 9 month old and has had a really disappointing experience with maids.

I am now planning to move my lil one to a day care ( not happy though) and looking for a day care where he gets to learn, socialize and have healthy food.
I stay in sector 52. Any suggestions which is best day care in near by locality.

Thanks in advance.

chandana said...

hey all,
I am looking for a good creche, for my 3 months old daughter near sector 22 or sector 23. My Office is in Udyog Vihar, phase 5 Gurgaon. Creche nearby will be of great help.

Unknown said...

hello everyone i m a mother of 2 year old angel and was lookign for a day school with a perfect atmostphare as most of the places i visited around 56 - 57 sector were either too expensive or too unhygienic or just too profesional for handleling kids .. a little kid doesnt need all taht high fi things they were offering looks too much to handle ..

anyway i wnt to share my experince with all of them

1. oyesters - very prfesional but as i said too much for a kid doesnt need and understand so much they was talking i think i almost slepts while the representive was talking she was too pushy and too a bit rude ..she said she need to know my philosophy my husband's philosophy and etc etc seemed like we r in an interview and she is judging everything we do or say ..and i m sure it would have been a lot of stress put our child there but not to forget.. the place was hygenic and they seems fine for parents who are okay with handling all taht pressure i cant say how much pressure they put of kid but til teh time i was there i didnt see any unhappy kid. Also they refused to discuss their fees and stuff before they grilled us with 100 question it was a little fustrating .i asked her if they provided pick and drop she said very strnagly no we think its dangerous and we dont liek it (watever may b the reason they dont have facility)
Finaly they did i felt fee is diffrent for every kid i dont know whats the crietiria

run by profesionals
felt kids were safe gud safety
neat clean

lady was a bit too dominating
alot of questions and lil rude
no pik drop(they said its a +point)
diffrnt fee for eveyone donno why

overall i dont know i m not satisfied.

2. Bitsy boots - I really like the feel moment i stepped in though it had very less kids as its new and they are in process of admitting very neat they also have a big clean swimming pool which i loved , nice colourfull a lil pricey but again worth it and not very pushy.
the lady i spoke to was very warm and not pushy she was open about all the conditions and was really nice , staff was okie dokie i cant say much as ther were less kids ,rides and toys were sufficient not alot , in short i felt homely feel again food was very very healty and colour full she introduced me to her kitchen and roster it was nice .a very gud experience felt they were a lil over frndly but its a nice thing for parents.when i had few questins.she showed me teh whole place very nicely and were very welcoming i can imagine ( and hope) they treat kids the same way. kinda liked it.

flexible on all aspects
Gud nutritious food.
big nice clean swiming pool.
colourfull ,neat and clean.
pick and drop by owner itself.
very frndly staff and representive

a bit pricey but not too much.
had sum stairways so might not b comfortable for kids .
had less staff but sufficient as of now.

overall thumbs up go for it i think u wil like it i did but check your budget.

3 .morning glory - well its again gud and warm enviormnt but understaff ( as many kids unattanded) and hence was a little less managed they dont have cctv either so i dont really know what happens when they r alone . but the lady who i spoke with was really frendly and said its natural sumtimes it happens and i beleived so too .not every kid can lauf all the time .wel i liked thier food too it was light and luks healthy.atleast taht day it was .. but place was a lil crowded as i expected .. but definatly puts less pressure on pocket fee was reasonable but less toys less space .

overall i think a bit crowed and unclean but hoem like feel and very gud for pocket .

Unknown said...

4 . tailorbird - clean nice building had alot of expectations and it did fulfil to an extent place was a bit like a school liek enviourment but friendly and a bit pricey everything was so expensive including everything .. it was too much but worth it .. i really liked the place but think it can be a little les like a school and more like a place where kids feel at home .. cleanliness 10/10 staffed 10/10 and everything was working fine ..but i felt kids felt a lil les independent .. and were having less fun ( may b they were quite taht day ) donno .. if parents can afford it i wud say go for it .

nice colourful
spacious and professional
safe n provide almost all gud facilities wer really good
very clean
nice location

very pricey felt a bit money minded

felt a lil les family feel kids seemed a lil les happy.

overall ver good if you can afford t and you kid can adapt.

5 . chrebangels- well its a housebased care and owner livs in teh building itself not bad she takes care of alot of things herself which is gud but i felt i little less cleanliness cant say it was dirty but still it wasnt what u wud want. she didnt have questions for most of my questions and was very casual bout them .. and said leave it upto us ..which can be a gid or bad thing dont know .. less rides pick n drop is taken care of by her and her husband which is great staff was gud too .. i cant say about food they didnt have proper system i thing as alot of times she said its a like a home and leave it upto us .no cctv cameras so u cant b sure of how we can leave upto them .


pick and drop by owner and its safe
home like enviourment
less professional very casual
lady was warm and friendly staff was okay okay not very friendly
provide night and day flexible


very less kids and less crowded
#no camera and no proper rules
#limited toys n rides felt it cud be better
#a bit pricey

overall i liek the place but cud b better with a little more effort.
also a bit pricey as compared to othrs

Amit Joshi said...

i finally chose bitsy boots located in sector 57 for my 2 yr angel and loved it .. got everything i needed ..try it i loved it

Living in Gurgaon said...

Hi 'unknown' - thank you so much for your very detailed review and comparison of so many daycares. I'm sure a lot of people reading this will find it very helpful! Really appreciate it:-)

Koel Roychowdhury said...

hi. both my kids ( 3yrs old n 6 mnths) are coming to morning glorie. My daughter who is 3, is cmng to the day care for a year .. i am fully satisfied with them. may be the time u visited the school they must hav finished their lunch. they have a very caring staff. the owner herself supervises...

nitika said...

Reviews for daycare !!!

Hello Ladies,

Please help me search for a good daycare near to DLF corporate park..would like to indulge my 15 months kid in the daycare...


Aparna Sharma said...

I found OYSTERR at Sushant Lok very good for my 2.5 yr old. She has been going there for a little under a year now. Oysterr is managed by a very nice lady called Needhi and she is very hands-on with the kids there.

Yes, it may not be as big as some of the international daycare centers - but it is reasonably sized with open place in the back.

The teachers take care of the playschool bit for my daughter as well - so i don't have to send her anywhere else. They serve fresh veg food that is cooked there (no non-veg - that is a downside- but i guess that's fine keeping in mind that i can always feed my baby nonveg at home).

My li'l one wants to be in oyster even on weekends - and keeps asking when I will be taking her to her Needhi ma'am. She is very fond of Needhi and loves the company of the other kids.

hema said...

Thanx Unknown for the great review i read and visited all of them for my 1 year .. i finally decided Bitsy Boots in sector 57 and the reasons i decided were.

* Timings 8 am to 9pm .. i mean really ??

* Its at a very gud location and near to my home.

* They gave personal attention to every kid i cud see each child in love with the owner and wanting to be in her lap and didnt want to leave her.. this shows taht she spends alot of times with kids not just wid maids.

* They have homely enviourment i saw kids feel the same .

* They dont have many toys n rides but sufficient for all age.

* i called them a couple of times i m a bit worried but kind of felt satisfy with the whole arrangemnt .

I hope i helped .. rest u can chek out .

Shradha Bhatnagar said...

Hi. .I am a mom of a 1 year old fairy. .. Looking for a day care around sector 49 Sohna Road...Need some suggestions. ...moreover have heard about Indus world school coming up with its day care near Tulip Orange....any reviews regarding the same????

Yanat said...

For the parents evaluating Day Care Options in Gurgaon -

We are both working professionals. Putting our 4 year old son ( at that time he was 3) into a daycare was a big decision. While we did have family support at home my parents were getting old and handling an energetic full of life 4 year old and keeping him constantly engaged was a challenge.
We therefore decided to check out some options and evaluate them vis a vis his staying at home so that we could decide on whether to go ahead with the day care option or continue with our arrangements at home with the help of a maid.
We checked out most of the available day care options in Gurgaon – from phase 4 to sohna road – Oysterr, Panchtantra, Fastrackids, Kindercare, Vishesh Kids etc.
Some of the key criteria that we evaluated all the day cares were –
The overall infrastructure
The people running the show
The support staff
The basic philosophy and approach
Their knowledge of the kids who attended there
We finally narrowed down on Wunder Kinder Day Care, located in Nirvana Country, South City 2, Gurgaon which scored extremely well on these points
On the specific criterias that we evaluated –
The overall infrastructure – Wunderkinder is very conveniently located just off the Golf Course extension road. Locationally on the main road, but tucked away in a small lane this ensures that there is no heavy traffic in front of the gate. The building itself is a spacious 2 storeyed child friendly building with spacious airy cheerful rooms. There is a lot of outdoor play area both in front and the back of the building where the children can play without the risk of them stepping out on to the main road. The overall place is very neat and clean
The people running the show – Primarily run by Ajay & Ashima, these 2 are the heart and soul of the school. They have a completely hands on philosophy and are involved in everything right from managing the day to day requirements of the school to being involved in the daily care of each and every child. They are like the de-facto parents completely aware of the likes and dislikes of each child, and its an extremely nice feeling to meet them in the evening everyday ( when I go to pick up my son) and get a complete overview of the full day activity. You know and can feel the genuine and care and affection that they have for each child.
The support staff – While there are quite a few of them, our son spends the maximum time with Smriti who is their day care incharge. An extremely patient and fun loving person, she brings out the creative side of each child and ensures that the time spent there is creatively utilised and there is a learning that happens in a fun way, whether its playing interesting games or making interesting crafts etc.

The basic philosophy and approach -
The biggest plus that WunderKinder has is the absence of any kind of screens – TV/Ipads/etc. Considering the amount of time our kids spend in front of the screens at there home, it’s a big relief for them to go and spend time in a creatively stimulating environment.
Element of personalisation possible -
Each and every child is treated as an individual and their specific needs and requirements are catered to. While they have a set daily menu for food, based on an individual child’s requirements and likes and dislikes , they ensure that the same is met.

Sending a child to a daycare is a tough decision for any parent.
But it’s a wonderful feeling when our child looks forward to going and spending time at WunderKinder and we as parents are also rest assured that he is in safe and caring hands and is spending his time engaged in constructive activities.

anurima dholkiya said...

I choose Footprint daycare for my son as the mentors were very efficient in understanding and handling kids. These were four girls from north east India. But very soon they left this daycare. And after they have left the situation is horrifying. They are recruiting some college girls, these girls they don’t have any sense of how to take care of kids. The management they are training these girls alternate days for 2-3 hrs, and the kids are left unattended during that time. Kids don’t even like the teacher of the class, but the management is adamant on their thinking that the newly recruited teacher is very experienced. But when verified she was also just a college girl who has given her exams after joining the Footprints. They will listen to all your complain before you join, but will tell you to leave after you have spent some time there. The settling time is also very long here as they are not nurturing the kids with love, they don’t even have enough interesting programs to entertain the kids and make them learn. The mentors they just do their job and leave the kids after feeding them, they don’t even bothered about how a kid in feeling, why the kid is crying, they just do their job as any other jobs without any feelings for the kids. I have already left Footprints and now searching for some other good and efficient daycare. I am leaving my child with the maid now, which I don’t prefer to do. In their sec-57 branch which is also new, due to their negligence a child broke her hand. And this was not the end after few days, the care giver pulled the child holding the same hand and the hand got fractured again. The story is endless. The more I am talking to the parents the more I get to know. They keep changing their policies, the management themselves are not knowledgeable enough to handle kids. They advertise themselves as IIT-IIM alumnus but are highly irresponsible; they don’t bother about the health of kids.

Stuti said...

Hi all..have shifted to sector 56 gurgaon recently from bangalore and I am very sceptical about choosing tthe right and safe day care for my two and a half yr old daughter.have read a few names in this blog.but they are not recent. Please suggest some safe clean and homely day care options in and around sector 56 gurgaon.thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

Hello stuti, Try Bitsy Boots in sector 57 i finally could find home for my kids.. the number is 9999915796 .. you will love everything about it .. they accept kids 4 months onwards and open from 9-8 pm

Shweta Chadha said...

Hi all, Read all the comments , my son is 4 yrs old . i send him in kidzee day care which is in phase 4, Near to vyapar kendra. Its preety decent and lot of attention is given my teachers and maid. have all the basic facilities like cctv cameras, maids, security. food is provided by the day care ( breakfast, lunch and evening snacks). dont charge much. work on saturday also till 8 pm. staff is very friendly. must recomend. contact details are : 9711200826 & 9711200848.